Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Soul Speaks

my soul speaks
syllables in sync with heart beats, my mind is clear
the spoken word is mightier than a sword
utterances of truth trumpeted from a top mighty towers
Truthfully I tell you
trust your instincts, train your thoughts
for the power to heal, the power to harm
is contained in your mind
sound the alarm

Monday, March 3, 2014

Eye Hath Not Seen

Eye hath not seen and ear hath not heard because we perceive at the level of our consciousness. What we see is perceived through a particular lens, called our point of view. We can not truly see and hear until we are stripped of our false beliefs. Then we will see all things a new.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Futon Manifest-o

I was told to start with something small
something believable
If it's too grand an idea
too extreme a notion
you may not believe in your power to manifest
and then it's possible you'd lose your zest for truth
so I sat in my basement with the lights turned down, in silent meditation
and affirmed
In a timely manner, for the benefit of all, 
I intend for a futon to make its way into my life
then, I let go
imagine my surprise when I walked outside and found one sitting on the curb the next day

damn, I knew I shoulda asked for a million bucks

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Point of View

Imprisoned by my point of view.
Can I even really see you?

Your pen

Do you believe that one poem can change a persons life
that one phrase can move people in directions they never imagined
I heard a word once that sent shivers down my spine
A syllable that made every single hair follicle stand still
I read a piece once that brought tears to my cheeks
because it was written from your pen.

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Big Bang

For once
My mind is still
A blank canvas
A black hole
The whole world vibrates
The blue bird sings
From the center of stillness
A burst of thought explodes
A universe is born

On hiking Mount Kilimanjaro

hiking Mount Kilimanjaro
the sights are spectacular
sunsets from atop overhangs
climbing cliff after cliff
sweat beading off my brow
birds nested on peaks
powder clouds that read like poetry to my soul
penetrating the peak that punctures the sky
I stood atop the mountain wishing you were by my side

Thursday, February 20, 2014

God is a Woman

I like to think of the creator as a woman
who gave birth to a universe that once rested silently in her womb
breast feeding creation from the fruits of her own being
looking on with love and adoration
as her children dance among the stars.

We're all One

She said, "we're all one. and we can never be apart."
That's why I love her
I should have told her from the start
But now we're separated and she's worlds away, it's her night time when it's my day
She said, "separation is an illusion. don't believe the lies."
That's why I love her
When I'm with her time melts and years fly bye
I'm feeling miles away again, I'm believing the lies
Despite what she told me I'm feeling all alone
And I can't help but think we're forever apart

It's one o clock when I hear her whispering words in my ear.
"Don't worry darling, I'm here."

Sunday, February 16, 2014

searching scriptures

my nose buried in biblical books and spiritual scriptures
searching for that word or phrase
that will illuminate my mind and redefine my life
making meaning where before there was none
and then I found it, the words tattooed in my brain for years to come
“Ye search the scriptures, for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are which testify of me. And ye will not come to me, that ye shall have eternal life. John5:39.”
and then it hit me

I've read about the afterlife but I never really lived.

Friday, February 14, 2014

We haven't met but

What else can I say, besides I'm there for you
I don't know what your going through,
what demons lurk behind those starlit eyes
I cant imagine what it must feel like,
to lose your faith in celestial bodies that hang in the sky
Not caring whether you live or die
Do you really think your life has no meaning?
You mean the world to me
I just want you to know that
And if you think for even a minute no one loves you
You can always pick up the phone and dial me in a second


   Your friend mike

Thursday, February 13, 2014


It’s simple really. Either you believe the universe works for good or you believe in death, chaos, and destruction. If you believe the universe works for good, well then you’re safe, you’re protected, you’re life is full of meaning and purpose. If you believe in chaos, well then in the end, you’re fucked.

Trust the Design

The stars, the sky, the moon, the planets, they didn’t get here by accident. There is a design to the universe. If there is a design to the sky there is a design to you and I. You are being led. Trust the design.

The Yoga Teacher

"This space is sacred" she said
as she walked slowly across the room
her feet were clumsy, careless some would say, as if she could care less
stepping onto my mat as I stood heroically in warrior pose
her dirty feet left imprints like elephant tracks through mud puddles
trampling over my manduka
I swear to god I heard her say “I’ma take a poop on ya”
or that’s what it felt like
“This space is sacred” she said
she couldn’t give a fuck I thought
at least that’s what it felt like

Fire Breathing

She said, “we’re all addicted to oxygen.”
as she took another drag of her cigarette
her lips curled around the long cylinder like heathens hanging on to one last hit
smoke billowing off her tongue
fire breathing
the scorched stench wafted through my nose
agitating each and every solitary hair follicle in my nostril
I hate that smell
but still
despite it all
all I wanted to do was kiss those bright red lips

Monday, February 10, 2014

The ambulance

I'm terrified
transported by ambulance through traffic lights and truck stops
Is this the end of me
And what happens when I go
Do I fade from existence
Do I forget all that I know
They are pumping blood through my veins
I make promises to god
Honest, I swear I'll change
Just get me out of this one
I swear to god I'll change
"He's stable" the technician says. "He's going to make it this time."
I breathe a sigh of relief
Oh shit, do I really have to change?

I love writing

When I was younger I loved mathematics.
I remember relishing in the fact that for every problem there was just one solution.
You could check your work.
You knew when you were right.
Now that I'm older I love writing.
The freedom.
The endless possibilities.
The fact that you can never be wrong.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Break Tradition

Breakdancing to the beastie boys in bookstores and brothels.

Boy I wish you were here to see this.

Best wishes from your best friend.

Between me and you

Be brave.

Breathe boldly.

Break tradition.

making my brother smile

If a tree falls on your house while your sleeping in bed
Does it make a sound
Puncturing power lines and leaving us powerless
I feel powerful inside
Lit by the light of the fire, I feel a burning desire
To live. To learn. To grow.
To experience life, the ups and the downs.
To make my brother smile.

pushing pronouns

pushing pronouns like a pharmacist pushes pharmaceuticals
like a physician prescribes penicillin
I pen these words
with no thought for prose or the traditions of poets past tense
I'm reckless with my thoughts
scribbling side notes like scribes scribble sutras
I scramble for the right words to say
leaving little lines behind, like I love the way you smell
Or, I read this the other day and I just thought that you should see it
for now, I'll keep posting these poems, hoping one day they'll capture your essence

Thursday, February 6, 2014

us against the world

"This time were not giving up."
fingers crossed
hands interlocked
two forty-fives cocked.
"Sweety, it looks like we're surrounded."
a flood of cop cars envelope us
helicopters hovering overhead
severing our hopes of a getaway like strings cut from a school girls birthday balloon.
"We're not getting out of this one alive."
A police man pulls out a megaphone behind the refuge of his creme colored patrol car.
"Drop your weapons. We have you surrounded."
I lock eyes with my sweety, hearts beating, beads of sweat retreating down my face.
she reads my thought.
we pause a moment
and then
unleash a hailstorm of bullets.
the patrolmen return fire, pumping us with pounds of gunfire.
a bullet pierces my chest.
i look to my sweetheart, hands still interlocked.
her eye catches mine before my face fractures against the cold concrete floor.
our final thoughts ring out in unison.
"We are not giving up.
It's us against the world."

Monday, February 3, 2014

Lost at Sea

when every move you make is wrong
but inside feels right
should you question yourself
reversing the sail with all your might
because the winds are strong
and they are blowing me apart
I'm lost at sea
will I make it out this evening
I don't know where I am
seven sharks circling around me
left alone with my thoughts in the night 


sometimes i think about you, and how you slipped into my brain
sidestepping alarm systems and smoke signals, sneaking past protective properties like my
bodies blood brain barrier
distorting my sense of reality, reestablishing what was realistic
leaving me to ponder what was really real
I’ll never forget you
and how you made me feel
floating freely in foreign realms
I could say I wish I never met you
but that’s not being sincere

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Food for Thought

"I can do it."
Those words whisper down my bones breaching each and every cell in my body.
"I am enough."
Thoughts that travel through my nervous system downloading their data deep into my brain.
"I will overcome."
A single solitary statement strong enough to strike down seventy men standing sixty feet tall.
There's power behind these words, power to transport and transform, power to change.
I said there's power behind these words, your whole life they arrange.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Jesus Christ

what if Jesus was a man
who could walk on water
heal the sick
and raise the dead.
what would that say about you and I?

Liquid Crack

Like electric eels coursing through my veins
the poison prompted my heart to pump even more blood
past proximal organs to all points perceptible by me.
I could feel it in my big toe.
I took another sip. Then a drag.
Lifting off like airplanes on landing strips
I left earth, loving every second of it.
Leaving behind the littered bodies of peoples on starlit street corners down below.
Smiling from ear to ear, I took another sip of coffee and said to my friend, come see what it feels like from up here.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Yin Yang

People always said we fit together like yin and yang.
Opposites, but inseparable.
I like to read books, drink tea, and have quiet conversations.
You liked to dance and play, you were my butterfly.
Like celestial bodies suspended in space, we balanced each other.
You made me laugh, I helped you grow.
We were inseparable, or so we thought.
Things happened, life, we went our separate ways.
I thought about you, us, almost every day.
I thought about yin and yang and how you always saw them together.
I didn't understand how we could be apart.
It never made any sense to me, that was until today in class, when I found out that yin and yang can in fact separate.
Only when they do, death occurs.
Shocked, I raised my hand, cleared my throat, and said, I'd have to agree.

Play Your Cards Right

I spent several years playing poker, most of it a waste, but I learned a few things.
I learned that even when you think you have it written all over your face, most people can't see it.
I learned that sometimes its easier to tell a lie than it is to tell the truth.
I learned we often overestimate our strengths, and underestimate our weaknesses.
I learned to never hold on to what you have, because it can be taken from you in an instant.
I learned that when things don't make sense, its time to start asking questions.
I learned that confidence and a positive attitude are as essential to success as preparation.
But the single most important thing I've learned is that if you play your cards right, there's always another hand.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


"I don't like to talk about it."
"Where are those from?" she had asked.

We all have stories we don't like to tell.
The scars on my body reveal a history distant from my present reality, tucked discretely away to rest in peace. Forever.

A time not far in the past, where all I could think about was the future, and I was rarely present.

"Come on, I know everything about you."

Turns out she didn't, only thought she did.
But some things just wont stay hidden.
Just when you think your safe, they poke their dirty little head around the corner seeking to expose you.

"I don't want to talk about it."

Why wont it go away, I thought I buried it, along with the bleeding carcass of my former self.

Truth was, my past was still very much alive.
It would always be there, forever shaping who I would come to be.

When I met you

when asked, we never said where we met
in the hospital on the sixth floor
where the doctors keep secrets tucked in lab coats while the patients pace, asleep
it was there that I saw you, against the cold cafeteria wall
you had your back turned to me but I knew it was you
you said you were forty years old but you looked twenty two
we played ping pong in the front room
the one overlooking the city, the very placed that swallowed us whole
our hearts jumped with every bounce of the ball
you made me smile again, I forgot all the pain
in our hour of darkness we laughed so bright
we aren't sick we said, we aren't scared of the night

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Where am I

So I put this together tonight. Just a little something to get things started off. I think its kind of fitting for the first story.
Where am I?
I've been lost before but never like this. We were standing at the corner of Annapolis and Atlantic, I took another puff and passed the lit paper back to my friend. Our coordinates could be determined by satellites hovering in the sky with exact precision, yet suddenly I had no idea where I was.
Where am I?
Earth. A spinning rock orbiting a single star in some far off corner of the universe. They say there are more stars in the sky then grains of sand on all the beaches in the world. Imagine then how many planets? How many worlds, civilizations, species and cultures? We go about our days like we know just where we are, and what we are doing. In the vast expanse of night sky above us, where was Earth?
Here I was on the corner of Annapolis and Atlantic in Atlantic City New Jersey, two blocks from my house, and I had but one question.
Where the fuck am I?

First Post

This blog will be the place where I post my short stories, poems, thoughts, and feelings. I'll keep this first post short and simple, mostly because I haven't got any material yet. I look forward to updating this soon.

                 Michael X Christopher.