Thursday, January 30, 2014

Yin Yang

People always said we fit together like yin and yang.
Opposites, but inseparable.
I like to read books, drink tea, and have quiet conversations.
You liked to dance and play, you were my butterfly.
Like celestial bodies suspended in space, we balanced each other.
You made me laugh, I helped you grow.
We were inseparable, or so we thought.
Things happened, life, we went our separate ways.
I thought about you, us, almost every day.
I thought about yin and yang and how you always saw them together.
I didn't understand how we could be apart.
It never made any sense to me, that was until today in class, when I found out that yin and yang can in fact separate.
Only when they do, death occurs.
Shocked, I raised my hand, cleared my throat, and said, I'd have to agree.

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